Southwest Generation

Southwest Generation is a rapidly growing privately held energy company based in Denver, Colorado, that is building a diversified portfolio of natural gas-fired power generation assets.

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Southwest Generation employs a strategy of improving operational efficiency, reducing costs and increasing the overall value of power generation assets. Their clean, efficient gas-fired generation assets are flexible and responsive to the integration of wind and solar generation resources, providing reliable regulation for renewable technologies.  Southwest Generation has facilities located in California, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado.

Southwest Generation was having severe issues with voice qualify, service interruptions and unresponsive support from a major telecom provider in Denver that was providing “Hosted VoIP/PBX” services for them.

Walnut Telecom Group was referred to Southwest Generation by one of our clients that we already assisted in the implementation of “Hosted VoIP/PBX” services for.

After a conversation about the requirements, applications and goals that were important to Southwest Generation, Walnut Telecom Group assisted in the negotiation of agreements to provide a “Hosted PBX” solution.

In the fall of 2013, Walnut Telecom Group along with Momentum Telecom implemented the “Hosted PBX” solution for Southwest Generation.

Southwest Generation is extremely satisfied with the full suite of features and support that is provided from Momentum Telecom

Walnut Telecom is a direct channel provider for Momentum Telecom to provide “Hosted VoIP/PBX” solutions for our clients.


About Momentum Telecom

Momentum Telecom is a leading business communications provider that offers smart, customizable cloud PBX solutions to direct subscribers and more than 300 independent cable operators, municipalities, VARs and MSPs nationwide. As the industry’s most reliable provider, Momentum delivers superior voice quality backed by a geo-redundant network with 100% uptime. Founded in 2001, Momentum now powers over 80,000 voice lines providing customers with the flexibility and carrier-grade services needed to move their business forward. Momentum provides an expansive product suite that includes hosted VoIP, broadband management, SIP trunking, contact center, collaboration tools and unified communications services.


Southwest Generation was having severe issues with voice qualify, service interruptions and unresponsive support from a major telecom provider in Denver that was providing “Hosted VoIP/PBX” services for them.

The only resource I need…

“As an IT consultant, I am focused on worrying about how my clients’ data network services are working, and cannot always keep abreast of current telecom trends and offerings. When I have a client who needs to introduce, add or change telecom services, I will always call Chris immediately–with no exceptions! Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that he is the only resource I need when it comes to finding the right telecom services at the right price for my clients. As a result, I no longer waste my, or my clients’, time trying to find the right telecom solutions, and I am able to deliver even greater value because of his services. He provides some of the best after-the-install support and provider support access I have experienced in the industry. Since adopting Walnut Telecom Group as my only go-to telecom consultant, my client satisfaction surveys have improved considerably.”

Ryan Ploger, IT Consultant

A true consultant…

“CVI Digital Solutions has used the services of Chris Iovane and Walnut Telecom for many years.  We continue to go back to Chris whenever the need arises because of his service and support we have received over the years.  Chris’s knowledge of the expanding technologies in the telecom industry has helped our organization to make the right decisions when is comes to our voice and data technologies.  I would recommend the services of Walnut Telecom to any business looking for a true consultant for their communications needs.”

Scott Real, President, CVI Digital Solutions

Consistently brings the best solution…

"I have worked with Chris for the past six years and he has served as our telecom partner and coordinated many significant changes for this organization over those years.  He helped us managed and reduce multiple vendor contracts as well as bring better choices for new or replacement services from the marketplace.  On several occasions, Chris has also made sure that our new services were installed and in good working order; he has run interference for us with slow or non-responsive vendors and made sure that we were getting the support we needed from our telecom vendors.  It is has been a pleasure to work with Chris and I truly value his depth of industry knowledge and commitment to consistently bring the best solution that he can to our organization."

Gayle Giguere, CIO for Republic Financial Corporation

Solutions that met our goals…

“Having Walnut Telecom Group provide their expertise in determining the solutions that would meet our goals was extremely valuable”

Drew Wolfe, President of Smartwire

They worked miracles for us…

“I would highly recommend Walnut Telecom Group to anyone who is looking for a phone partner. Chris was instrumental in getting a phone hook-up in a complicated environment within a very limited window of time. They say it pays to know someone in the business and I am so glad that I know Chris. He was able to accomplish things that I could never have been able to do on my own. Chris was responsive to my crazy anxiety attacks regarding securing the necessary internet services. He would call and email me back at all hours. Next time, I will believe it when Chris says not to worry. Bottom-line: They worked miracles for us and I will definitely call them with my next installation. Thanks, Chris. “

Bobbie Bolinger, Hacienda Colorado/Elways Steak Restaurant

A pleasure to work with…

“I have known Chris for years and worked with him in several companies I have worked at. In our latest capacities I have recommended Chris to clients without hesitation – He is honest and delivers both product and services to my clients without question. I value his involvement and I increase my own standing with my clients when I recommend him. It is a pleasure to work with Chris and my pleasure to let others know they are in good company when using Chris' services.”

Mike Massaro, President for Massaro Enterprises

A “bump-free” process…

“Walnut Telecom Group has helped connect us with all of our phone and cabling vendors. Chris has helped smooth out all of the bumps along the way.”

Kim Bittner, COO for The Solomon Foundation